At Eco2 we specialise in developing renewable energy projects throughout the UK and Europe.  We are passionate about renewable energy and committed to introducing measures which minimise the negative effects of global energy change.

The Project

Mendlesham REP is a proposed straw-powered electricity generating plant, to be located on land adjacent to Mendlesham Industrial Estate near Mendlesham.  It will use straw sourced from local farms to generate some 300 million units of green electricity each year – equivalent to the needs of 65,000 households.

Site Location Plan

Site Layout Plan

Project Non-Technical Summary

Air Quality and Climate Change Chapter from Environmental Statement

The full planning application is available to view on the Mid-Suffolk District Council website and the application reference number is 0759/12.

We have also produced two factsheets that address some of the common concerns about energy generation. These give information about the fuel used at the plant and the emissions that it produces, providing an accurate picture that we hope will help people to understand our proposals further.  To view these click on the links below;





Economic Benefits

There are many economic benefits to be gained in the areas of construction, fuel supply and on-going operation.


  • up to 200 jobs will be created during the two and a half year construction phase
  • Construction costs are estimated at £120 million, bringing the opportunity for firms in the locality to be involved.

Fuel Supply

  • Straw will be sourced within a 30-mile radius of the site. This will make use of the 3 million tonnes of excess straw which are currently produced in the East of England.
  • Over £8 million will be spent on straw each year
  • 50 jobs will be involved in straw baling, storage and transportation


  • 30 jobs will be created in the operation and maintenance of the plant

We have produced a factsheet to describe these benefits in more detail with some analysis into how we have derived these figures.  Click here to view this document, or alternatively a summary version is available here.

Environmental Benefits

  • Straw is already produced as a residue of wheat production – producing straw does not displace food production. The ash will then be recycled for fertiliser
  • It is a renewable fuel – since it is replaced each year as the next wheat crop is grown
  • 300 million units of clean electricity will be generated each year
  • The annual output will be equivalent to the needs of 65,000 households
  • A saving of 150,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year on fossil fuel emissions  will be gained

Every region in the UK will need to contribute to the UK carbon dioxide reduction targets. Overall this is set at a 50% reduction by 2050, with 20% of all electricity to be gained from renewables by 2020

Public Exhibition

The public exhibtion for the Mendlesham REP was held in Mendlesham Green on the 2nd and 3rd December 2011.  If you were unable to attend or would like to view the exhibition material again then please click on the links below to access the information.  Please note that the boards will open a pdf document.

Board 1 - Introduction

Board 2 - Renewable Energy

Board 3 - Energy from Straw

Board 4 - Straw in Mid-Suffolk

Board 5 - The Proposed Site

Board 6 - Appearence of the Plant

Board 7 - How the Plant Works

Board 8 - Traffic

Board 9 - Air Quality

Board 10 - Noise

Board 11 - Next Steps

Board 12 - Power for the Future